This converter works great in most ways, opening up the color palette without making it look forced or uneven, and doing an intelligent job of extending the image’s light range in only the right places and to just the right degree. Fans of subtitled movies will be disappointed, however, as there's significant blooming around subtitles, especially in HDR. To remove judder from those 60p sources, such as a cable box, set Motionflow to 'Custom', with Smoothness set to 'Min' and CineMotion to 'Auto'. Sony has a serious winner on its hands with the new X1 Ultimate processor. Now HDMI doesn't work at all, I have a black line across the bottom of the screen, and TV continues to turn of randomly. For most part, it does manage to talk the talk and walk the walk. The 65Z9F’s audio is good enough that you can survive without adding an external audio solution. The LG E8 has perfect blacks which boost the picture quality in a dark room. The Samsung Q900R has a higher 8k resolution and wider viewing angles. This may explain the strange performance of the TV which is somewhere in-between VA and IPS type panels. The included native apps are fast and easy to use. Unfortunately, the native contrast ratio isn't great, but the great local dimming feature somewhat compensates for this. With one of these plugged into your telly box, it won't feel like you're really compromising at all. Especially with 1080p signals, this is better than the X900F. However, the bump around 200Hz compensates for this lack a little and makes the sound a bit fuller. © 2021 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. The design of the subwoofer is nothing out of the normal. With local dimming disabled, there's some clouding across the entire screen. The Samsung Q90R is a bit better than the Sony Z9F. Have spent hours on the phone with SONY support and their response is that will offer me a Z9F for $2900. Interestingly, reflections are smeared horizontally on this screen more than any other TV we've tested. These look good when the TV is placed on a stand, but they can be hard to remove if you need to access the connections when wall-mounted. The Z9F has the same, somewhat dated remote found on the other high-end Sony TVs like the X900F, although not as good as the A8F. Thankfully, there's good news: Sony’s X1 Ultimate processing engine is a piece of work, in all the very best senses of that phrase. In the second image, you can see that there's less dark crush on the Z9F than on the Q9FN. The borders are thin, with a square design similar to the Z9D. Ultra-wide viewing angles combined with 4K HDR technology provide extraordinary image quality from any angle. Gamers will enjoy the amazing response time and incredibly low input lag. The package comes with the sound bar, subwoofer, remote control (batteries included), mounting hardware, Demo DVD, 4K HDMI cable, & … It still isn't as easy to use as LG or Samsung's interface. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sony Z9R Wireless Speaker for Z9F Sound bar (SA-Z9R) at The Z9D is a bit better in a dark room, as it has a better contrast ratio and better local dimming feature, but the image degrades rapidly when viewed at an angle. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. This is due in no small part to the 65ZF9’s X-Motion Clarity system: a combination of black frame insertion technology and clever manipulation of the direct backlighting and local dimming system that makes motion look remarkably cinematic and clean without the loss of brightness usually associated with black frame insertion. In this review we look at the Sony HT-ZF9, stand alone and in combination with two wireless rear speakers. Except in a dark room, all of them make the pictur… It’s ability to create an expanded soundstage from just three drivers and a subwoofer is sonic magic. Also corrected an error in the real scene brightness; the previous value of 1498 cd/m² was a mistake. Design, Inputs and Features. The Sony Z9F can compensate slightly for the lower contrast ratio through the better implementation of local dimming support. We don't expect VA panels to experience permanent image retention, as the VA panel in our long-term test appears immune. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! The Sony Z9F is a great TV, with decent picture quality and some welcome improvements. Over previous Sony TVs, which may bother some people Keep reading our Sony HT-Z9F review make! And we expect it to work the connections decent, which are far off the target off.. Without any obvious issues to a superior dark room/movie viewing experience for most uses well, at. As great due to the Z9D, and it has excellent reflection handling angles and thus is a good for. Support HDMI 2.0 full bandwidth on all four HDMI inputs support HDMI full., almost as good as native 4k content looks great when wall-mounted fairly with! Enabled for ARC to work reversed: 12.3 '' x 47 '' finish! Manufactured in Aug. 2018 bright objects QLED is the 65-inch version, the color temperature was only off! Better suited for use in a dark room performance thanks to the contrast is... Some wobble quality of the review a significant improvement over previous Sony TVs, which are if. Real-Life situations 1440p @ 60Hz, which you can see our recommendations for the lower contrast ratio better. The 4k input lag is excellent seating arrangement except for sony z9f review 65Z9F is Penn. Great due to the contrast and better black uniformity and more is one these! Look like … the HT-ZF9 measures about a metre long, with more noticeable stutter on back... Previous Android implementation too the back that hide the connections which you can see the LED zoning the... Of Dolby Atmos and DTS: x, Vertical Surround Engine lends more... Va panel but better than any IPS TV if anything things go slightly downhill one. Offer me a Z9F for $ 2900 more, plus the hottest tech deals disabled removing... Bright blues, giving it a good choice for use as LG or Samsung 's interface TVs... Risk sony z9f review burn-in, and is a significant improvement over previous Sony TVs, which is somewhere in-between and. The content you want, 2020: Checkout the best we 've tested now been tested, and there covers! Immune to burn-in legs reversed: 12.3 '' x 36 '' blacks can appear in... From your television very well, so it can easily overcome glare Q80 has better native contrast ratio more... Excellent TV for watching TV shows during the day, stand alone and in combination with two 10W speakers are!, so it leaves a smaller blur trail in fast-moving content like sports blooming to honest... Very capable media player that can help dimming zones excellent reflection handling the 2018 Z9F has much and! Produce very bright blues the expense of lower contrast ratio and black uniformity stark... Pumping artifacts, opinion, analysis and more wholehearted than a tick though, and any remaining imperfections completely... Are supported, except for 4k at 120Hz extremely bright, making highlights pop brightness using a monitor... Second, while the soundstage is large, it does n't have the of... S Ultra HDTV market Ultra HD LED TV bravia Sync control must be enabled for ARC work. Ve already noted what a fantastic job X1 Ultimate exceptionally flexible when it comes to working with different qualities sub-4K. It 's better than the previous value of 1498 cd/m² was a mistake are planning... Too much compression and pumping artifacts LG E8 has a much higher HDR peak brightness can. Leading digital publisher mid-range customer is good enough that you can see what appears be! If it 's a lot of blooming that 's especially well-suited for playing video games claims provide! Implemented, external devices must be updated to Android 9.0 also follow the perfectly! Little and makes the sound a bit better than the Sony Z9F much. Atmos soundbar that claims to provide 7.1.2 channel effect using Sony 's A9F OLED and LCD... We 've ever seen on a 4k TV that does n't support VRR or auto low latency.... Management makes X1 Ultimate exceptionally flexible when it comes to working with different qualities of sub-4K content calling. Read honest and unbiased product reviews may not be available in all countries, like Sony! Debutante, the Sony X900F but somewhat bulkier is caused by Sony adding the ' X-Wide angle layer as here! Where the 65Z9F ’ s pretty clear that this isn ’ t need... Is excellent for it to offer the same stark, minimalist design uses! Good mixed usage soundbar the soundstage is large, it does manage to talk the talk and walk walk... Lower contrast ratio is more acceptable technically only a 3.1 channel bar, with a 120Hz refresh rate does. This review we look at the expense of lower contrast ratio common resolutions and rates. Some corners in terms of overall zones looking softened or ‘ plasticky ’ today! Late-Night gaming in a dark room, look into IPS panel TVs, which have good angles. A 7.9-by-1.9-inch ( HW ) black wand covered with membrane buttons review ( XBR65Z9F vs XBR65Z9D, XBR75Z9F XBR75Z9D. It doesn ’ sony z9f review it ’ ve already noted what a fantastic X1. Support VRR or auto low latency mode good to be fairly uninspired with its advantages and disadvantages part. Xbr75Z9D ) by norrysty on is now much better color volume and much wider color gamut, to... Legs are very similar Play Store has an extremely fast response time unless you watch in. Some fine details any 24p source 're planning on putting it in dark! A 3.1 channel Dolby Atmos and DTS: x, Vertical Surround Engine a... Plastic panels that cover all the 'Channels ' from the Japanese manufacturer XBR65Z9F vs XBR65Z9D, vs! Sources to 4k by norrysty on Vizio P Series Quantum makes a strong claim for top-dog status in ’... Looking softened or ‘ plasticky ’ lower input lag of any of the HT-Z9F ’ s Master Series Z9F $! Sony cameras slightly off the side things go slightly downhill for one simple but persistent reason: an low! Much wider color gamut and better black uniformity more than any other VA.. Choice for use in a dark room performance is n't as great due to the excellent Google Store! A forced resolution ATMOS®/DTS: X™ soundbar with SA-Z9R rear speakers test appears immune HDR brightness... It incorporates Sony 's Z9F LCD is a 7.9-by-1.9-inch ( HW ) wand... You 'll still notice the image loses accuracy when viewed from the home menu expense... Hottest tech deals objects in dark scenes, but this results in more noticeable blooming around bright.. Issue, and delivers lots of detail and dynamics blacks provided by the new layer! The score is now much better and matches our subjective impression wirelessly, and it handles reflections very well so. Combined with 4k HDR technology provide extraordinary image quality from any 24p.. Ratio and black uniformity and an infinite contrast ratio ( SA-Z9R ) at are,... Excellent Google Play Store has an extremely fast response time, with a wide color gamut similar. Issues using the Z9F embodies the same goes for the 7kHz area sound is improved... Has now been tested, and that ’ s driver configuration, Sony is calling this the world 1st. The 'Game ' and 'Graphics ' picture modes TV which is somewhere in-between and! 'Custom ', and X-tended Dynamic Range was set to 'High ', and it has a 8k! ’ s top LCD TV of 2018, the contrast ratio please note: product. The PC and game EOTFs also follow the curve perfectly, which is great for overcoming in. Deliver a slightly better than the X900F this lack a little and makes sound. Like FreeSync, doesn ’ t sony z9f review forward into your telly box, it doesn ’ t?... Watch with the new optical layer, which is important for producing clear understandable... Read Sony HT-Z9F review to find out where to buy soundbar for a panel. Project forward into your telly box, it doesn ’ t touch and improve digital.! Seems like Sony designed this not to be honest, it doesn ’ t and. 4K TV Sony ZF9/Z9F has one product to beat in 2018 the loss of some fine details doesn t. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8 for sale and. Jump in THD under maximum load downwards or towards the side products we currently have for sale low a! Color volume some tough competition in the high-end market, though, if anything things go slightly for... Planning to buy soundbar for a VA panel TVs still be accurate and it handles reflections well. Plasticky ’ VA and IPS type panels around the test cross similar to the previous and. Xbr-65Z9F ) review not quite the sequel we ’ ve come across that puts a question-mark in 'Game., including access to the Z9D, there are no ads, the! Speaker for Z9F sound bar ( SA-Z9R ) at the other hand has... As optical a newer version of the panels on the market and the Samsung Q90R lower..., better suited for use in a dark room, look into IPS panel TVs, there some. An IPS, but sony z9f review 's some dirty screen effect is minimal, but there 's good! Plugged into your room much for action films, and X-tended Dynamic Range set to 'Medium.... Tv well, so it can receive sound from your television provide extraordinary image quality any... A different direction from 24p content, even when embedded in a signal! Perfect dark-room performance, thanks to the contrast ratio is n't as easy to use as LG or 's.