To make matters worse, most pockets and compartments other than the main compartment have little to no defined depth. If you're looking for a bag that's gonna work for you for a long, long time - take a minute to look at this company. The Timbuk2 Command is simply middle-of-the-road when it comes to comfort. Thanks for being a Timbuk2 customer. That bag is, IMO, the absolute best bargain in commuter backpacks. Free Shipping and Lifetime Warranty. Gear. Looking at the bag it’s very well balanced, the color scheme is wonderfully muted (the color pictured throughout the review is “surplus”), and it seems relatively streamlined despite having 3 external grab h… It looks pretty much as advertised. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. 29 Timbuk2 reviews. The external material is thick and robust ballistic nylon. I was really looking forward to trying this bag out. Washington, DC, I tried the Timbuk2 messenger bag, but I had too many issues with it not staying on my back and sliding around under my arm or in front of me when I was on my bike (not their fault, I just have this with every messenger bag). Thirty years of experience gives us continued improvements for today's modern commute. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Timbuk2. I did a five day tour and didn't carry that much weight even on the day I had to buy dinner and breakfast food for four people at the grocery store. Plush on the inside, raised, and protected by the rigid backing material and foam on the pack. Have you looked at the Arkel Bug? As a military-inspired backpack, the Timbuk2 Rogue stands out for its minimalistic elements and utilitarian focus. A community of bicycle commuters. The laptop compartment is very solid. I can't imagine commuting with 50lbs of stuff even split between two bags let alone one bag hanging off the side of the bike. Passionate about something niche? Waterproof with smart internal organization, the Commute Bag will keep your gear safe and dry in all kinds of weather conditions. This goes beyond it being a slimmer bag, I don't know where the space is. Through where it had attached before. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Timbuk2, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. Well, it was possible, but all of the contents where extremely compressed and it was like a game of Tetris trying to pack it. I have to start with the volume (or lack thereof) . I took a look at their site to see what my replacement options were, when I came across the fact that they repair their bags. I can pack the Brown Buffalo Standard 25L with the same contents and everything fits easily, and with room to spare. It's at home on a bike or at the office, staying comfortable all the while. They're doing great stuff. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the bikecommuting community. Developed by professional bicycle couriers in the late eighties, the bag's iconic shape, 3-panel design trademark, and crossbody functionality, has proven timeless. Water-resistant exterior, quick-access pocketing, and super comfy shoulder straps keep your tech in place and you prepared. Very happy with the service. Archived [Review] Timbuk2 Authority Deluxe. After all, the right backpack will be comfortable, practical and useful – but the wrong backpack will be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. It's definitely getting returned. The main compartment is simple. This is a killer 18l bag lol! FREE SHIPPING & LIFETIME WARRANTY. This bag is pretty thin – just over 5 inches deep which helps it maintain a more streamlined, urban feel to it. Unfortunately it broke again. Aimed at serious commuters, the new Especial 2.0 collection includes three packs that take inspiration from the original Especial line, … Love it!!! :) it's as good as new. Nice looking bag, but it really missed the mark for me. Design your own Timbuk2 custom backpacks, messenger bags, totes, duffles, shoulder bags - Choose your style, size, fabric, colors, features & more! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Got a Timbuk2 Classic Messenger 2 years ago and it still looks brand new despite being used for commuting every day as well as on trips. The larger one is great, I can fit my wallet, phone and more in there. Sounds awesome. It is a magnificently designed messenger bag for someone who travels frequently with their laptop, tablet, and various electronics. Love the thing. They use very durable materials and obviously some great workmanship. External water bottle sleeve works great for slimmer water bottles. THAT, my friends, is some customer service on top of quality. (Side-note: The organization is different for the Deluxe version than the regular version). We’re committed to improving life in the city through local manufacturing and by designing long-lasting products that enable freedom for the digital nomad. I would honestly feel better if it was just a type-o. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. I bought a timbuk2 pannier-rucksack. FREE SHIPPING & LIFETIME WARRANTY. [Review] Timbuk2 Authority Deluxe. Get 'em before they're gone. The Timbuk2 Classic is, as the name suggests, a classic messenger bag with a well-deserved following. Sorry. Unless somebody made a typo and was supposed to write down 18 liter, worse mistakes have been made. I'm a real bodger sometimes and I didn't really think it through very much. I have a Timbuk2 Spire (the Rogue's bigger brother) and absolutely adore it. On the front of the bag are two small pockets. We also have more great news, the processing fee has been waived for your repair! I tried putting some smaller on-ear headphones in the mesh pocket and unfortunately, there was significant overlap with the slots below.I don't think a mesh zipper pocket works well right above the organization slots because those slots are meant to have items that protrude. 13:02. I have the Timbuks2 Ace and the dimension and Liters are close. The only damage is where I slammed one of the clips in a car door about 15 years ago. Messenger bags launched the Timbuk2 brand. Yep, I have one that's that old, plus or minus one year, and while it's arguably not as nice as my Reload, it also was something like 1/3 of the price and is still in awesome shape with many years of school use, bicycle commuting, and motorcycle commuting. You should cross post to r/BuyItForLife/, I think they would appreciate this too. I bought a great messenger bag like 5 years ago from Timbuk2, and it's served me well through daily use over 2 jobs, many plane flights, lots of bike rides, some pub rides, and life in general. Good to know that if it ever does take some damage that I can send it in for repairs. The thing is in 100% perfect condition, not a frayed piece of thread on it. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I have a Timbuk2 messenger bag I bought in...1999? That is a solid reason for return. Gain rapid access to all your necessities such as your phone, keys and cords with this perfectly organised bag. We should review broken and almost worn-out products to teach how to identify cheap products (where are the stress points, what manufacturing techniques exist to alleviate those). The problem is once you have your laptop behind it, and your organization compartment filled, this compartment becomes very claustrophobic and borderline unusable. - REI Ruckpack 40 Preview - Duration: 15:30. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I really wish Timbuk2 would make a rip off of the GoRuck GL2 for not $500. I'm a bit of a bag whore and my favorite bike bag is my Timbuk2 especial medio. 17:00. Free Shipping. Any interest in the Topos Travel bag? There is an see-through mesh pocket running along the top, slots for notebooks, pens, and other items below. Timbuk2 are a great company, and this makes me love them even MOAR! A tight padded sleeve is the only organization here. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I had a feeling it was going to work out, but ultimately, I was frustrated with the bag, mainly due to the lack of volume. In use, I had some issues. Ultimately, not an EDC for me. Review of the Timbuk2 Command 32L - Duration: 13:02. Better cities. Nope - you need this: So a big thumbs up to timbuk2 from me! 47 votes, 22 comments. Spire 2.0 is a laptop backpack designed with the convenient features you need to get through the day. Timbuk2 designed this bag to stand out with many unique features that aren’t found in many commuter bags or bags in general. It's not very concealed due to the flap right above it so I don't know why they didn't add a pull here. It's narrow, and has a small metal zipper pull that is hard to use. Timbuk2 Rouge here - can confirm, these bags are damn near bulletproof. Chrome makes some legit bags - Trash Bags look nice but boy are they pricey. Ultimately, not an EDC for me. During those periods, people either trekked or used camels, horses and donkeys as mode of transportation to move from one place to the other. Well whatever the back of that bag is made of is really very durable stuff. I've been using mine daily for about 10 years. Everything about the bag just feels solid. Again, not much defined depth here. Share this review. It will be scheduled for surgery. That would really screw up handling. Adding a larger zipper pull makes it much better. Let’s get this out in the open right away – I’m not a fan of the overall style/look of this bag which is disappointing because usually I dig the Timbuk2 urban-feel of their bag designs. LIFETIME WARRANTY & FREE SHIPPING. Fashioned with an urban look, it has a 25L storage capacity and can carry a laptop up to 15 inches. About two years in and it still looks new. One of a kind and built to last. Nine of the Best Everydaycarry Backpacks - … If you’re into practical yet lightweight bags, then this piece by Timbuk2 is your number one option. The various loops and straps that run all over the bag also help break things up into interesting patterns and give the bag some visual depth and textures that … When I first saw the bag, I thought it looked pretty slick. My mom bought her first Timbuk2 maybe 4 … The bag I got in 2001 is still going strong, though I find it's too big for most of my daily needs. The Timbuk2 Command wins our Top Pick for Business Use. I had read complaints that it felt smaller than 28L, but I could live with something that felt like a 23-25 liter bag. Then compare those with used products well past their warranty period that hasn't broken, and look at why they haven't. I know that's not necessarily how you would derive the volume, but it wasn't even close. Gear. The new bag had slightly different pannier fittings that seemed a bit stronger, so I carried on using the new bag with the same weight in (about 40-50lbs a lot of the time). The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. The thing feels sturdy and has been like that for over a year. (disclaimer - I have no connection to them except that I own 2 of their bags). Shop Timbuk2 laptop backpacks for devices up to 17 inches. The Commute Messenger Bag is the perfect laptop bag for hauling your essential tech to the office or that meeting two timezones away. We will make every effort to make the product perfectly functional again, but there might be some scars and other surgery marks that show. My Timbuk2 purse is also going strong after every years of daily use. Shop Timbuk2's Garage, where you can find deals on messenger bags, backpacks, and more. The bag is quite flexible and offers minimal laptop protection, so it's important to be careful when setting it down and storing it with your laptop inside. I took their HxWxD measurements and calculated the cubic volume. (In a much nicer green colour I may add). Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Also a Rogue owner and daily bike commuter. The Arkel mounting systems are bombproof. Timbuk2 Foundry Pack Review - Sophisticated 18L Ruck Sack Style Daily Bag - Duration: 17:00. Features for electronics are minimal but sufficient, and the price point is highly approachable, hence our Best Buy Award! Born and bred on the backs of San Francisco bike messengers, Timbuk2 builds tough-as-Hell backpacks, messengers, travel bags, and accessories designed to outlast you. This is a minimalist travel community devoted to the idea of lugging around less crap … Subscribed! Close. Very nice. Feel free to share your favourite bags and your packing lists. The compartment behind contains the main organization features. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Still in great shape. Everything looks and feels nice. This is a minimalist travel community devoted to the idea of lugging around less crap. Crossover Daypack Reviews 6,112 views. Made with premium, durable fabrics, our laptop backpacks keep your devices safe while giving you access when you need it. 56. Authority Left (28L), Brown Buffalo Standard (25L). Oh, and it still stays bone dry in heavy storms! I put far too much weight in that thing as I use it as a toolkit for a lot of heavy tools. I have had my medium Timbuk2 bag since 1999. Timbuk2 The Parkside-Midway color. I wouldn't say it's a good quick-access pocket because it's a little small and it is literally hard to access quickly. Poor organization, and ridiculously less volume than anticipated. 50 pounds is a lot for any pannier to handle even more expensive ones. Traveling Salseros 2,175 views. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Reviews Timbuk2. If the 11.4x5.9x18.1 in their site is correct I cant imagine how they get 28L from that, that is 19 tops. The smaller one above is harder to use. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Timbuk2 Tuck Pack at 178k members in the onebag community. There are a lot of little touches that make the bag feel quality, like the elastic bands to keep the straps in place, or solid foam-padded handle at the top. As soon as it is in recovery, we will give you an update of when you can expect your mended product back, which we estimate to be 4-6 weeks. There is no freaking way this bag is anywhere close to 28 liters. Posted by 1 year ago. Timbuk2 is a San Francisco-based backpack company whose purpose is “urban progress by design”; from their website: Better products. It's been through a lot over the past two years and other than being a little dirty looks brand new. It is still very comfortable, with the typical, highly functional stabilizing cross strap specific to Timbuk2. Customize your Timbuk2 … I adjusted the sternum strap to the lowest setting and that worked work for me. I used some metal builder's flat strap, a few screws, bolts, and a drill and a bit of luck, and attached them with screws and bolts to the flat surface of the pannier side of the bag. It's held up beautifully for the most part, but the plastic clips on the bag closure finally gave up the ghost recently and some of the stitching has been coming undone. Comfort. Have a Blackbird backpack that comes everywhere with me. The Best Travel Backpack? Break free from the tedious traffic and enjoy the fresh air! Finding a pannier-backpack solution that could carry that weight on one side of a bike has been a difficult question for me for years, and this bag is by far the best solution I think I can hope for. I haven't had to use the customer service but the bag is top notch! Fewer, higher quality items, packed into a single bag for ease of transport to make life simpler. On paper, I love the organization in the bag. Lifetime Warranty. Great bang for the buck. I just thought I'd give it a quick go with minimal thought before I started looking for a bag again. Please keep in mind that mended does not mean perfect. For humans, there is always the need to move from one place to the other, even before the attempt of the transportation system. It's held up beautifully for the most part, but the plastic clips on the bag closure finally gave up the ghost recently and some of the stitching has been coming undone. It doesn't have it's own dimension so it cannibalizes the space behind it. Please make use of flair sorting and the search bar. I had the same problem until I got one of these (I actually bought 2, knowing correctly that I'd probably lose one :)). As 2019 marks Timbuk2’s 30 th anniversary, the company decided to revisit and update one of their original cargo bag collections. These will just add to your bag's street cred and give you great stories to tell. Alternatively, find out what’s trending across all of Reddit on r/popular. I really like the look of the bag, it straddles the business/personal bag look really well. The pen slots are way too small, and too long. What a great sub! After your bag’s checkup, the Timbuk2 Medical Team has discovered that your bag can be saved! Authority Left (28L), Incase City Compact Right (17.5L). A bit more engineering on the panniers and it's a proper heavy duty pannier/backpack. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. A few screws into a couple of layers of <4mm thick material and they have staid. I thought that with 28L, I could fit my laptop, some general office stuff like a mouse, notebook, etc, a change of clothes, shoes (Nike free rn fly-knits). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, A few Konas, some Surlys, and a BMC. Yeah, not a lot of minimal bags that size. I sent it in (like 10 bucks shipping), and recently received the following email: We have great news! When I reviewed the Timbuk2 Jet, I skewered it pretty hard for looking like an oversized lunchbox (it just does), but the Spire on the other hand is certainly an improvement. You will either struggle to fit a pen with a rubber grip, or have slimmer pens fall to the bottom and disappear. The only issue I had using the bag was the zippers would sometimes struggle to get past the elastic gussets on the organization compartment or the top edges of the laptop bag. timbuk2 is 25 L while North Face is 30 L. 30 L might be really big for what I want but then again I dont plan on buying any other pack till it goes out so I may use the size sometime in the future? This is the Timbuk2 company profile. I couldn't believe it, I went to their site to double-check. I didn't know about that one! It's never even been washed. or. This useful guide will review some of the most popular Timbuk2 backpacks, so you'll be able to determine which backpack is perfect for you. Was looking yesterday at the Mini Prospect because of the weather resistance and even smaller size. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Again, we'll be in touch within the next 4-6 weeks with the shipping tracking info after recovery. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I can't believe it. This one's on us. I bought a great messenger bag like 5 years ago from Timbuk2, and it's served me well through daily use over 2 jobs, many plane flights, lots of bike rides, some pub rides, and life in general.