Prioritize what you have to learn and when by. You will remember why you got into this discipline and all the worries you had about the demands of medical school will go by the wayside. Are you happy with where your marks are, or is there room for improvement? Not every class was easy at all. Which is a subtle way of implying that many students do not receive acceptance on their first application cycle. How does it look? It saved the whole family lots of trouble and huge amount of dough. Like most type A personalities that enter medicine, we want straight black and white answers. In the end, it is about balance. Most importantly do not let the stress of applying get the best of you. Very well worth it! are impossible to answer. And in order to get through medical school (and residency), you do have to work very, very hard. 2015 saw 52,000 students apply to medical school with 20,000 students earning acceptance. I worked as hard as I could my whole life and continue to do so. Try different study techniques if you aren’t scoring as well. Anybody who says it is impossible for you to get in with a 2.9 is wrong, but it will be extremely difficult. Thanks for your reply, helps bring me back into reality a little bit!


One of the most renowned colleges in the whole of the world, it’s no wonder Harvard is practically impossible to get into. If yes, great. If you're thinking about applying to joint MD-PhD programs, review our blog. A great LOR is better than a good letter any day. Currently their acceptance rate is just 5.8% of all the people that apply, which means you don’t have the best chance of getting a place.

Who ever said otherwise in this thread? Most are trying to avoid this and think a bit ahead. The application is just half the story. Check out our general MCAT guide here and our MCAT CARS resources here and our AMCAS resource here and hour OMSAS resource here. Will I get an interview?" Manage your time. Very well worth it!

. T26E4,

. Learning to adapt to medical school studying takes time. Try to get a high MCAT (>31-33), do research, volunteer, shadow a doctor or do some other clinical experience. Getting into medical school is difficult, grueling, strenuous and every other synonym you can think of for difficult combined. If i have dedication, is it possible? I quickly learned that the way I studied wasn't going to cut it, so I made some adjustments. The volume of information and detail you have to recall is intense. Review it and double check that you haven't forgotten any work you have done. It’s all about demonstrating improvement. Nevertheless, I think it's still the case that lots of people who aspire to medical careers at the age of 15 or 16 eventually don't become doctors for a variety of reasons (including but not limited to Organic Chemistry), and that about half of new college grads finish with a major different from the one they planned on when they entered.

I'm all in favor of thinking ahead. With these scores, you should have a chance to get into medical school. An emergency physician, for example, isn't really expected--or even encouraged--to think up a new way of dealing with a patient who's having an anaphylactic reaction to a bee sting. You need to prepare early. iwannabe_Brown: Most are trying to avoid this and think a bit ahead. Getting into medical school with a 2 00 GPA is not going to be easy but if you are not ready to let your dream go, then you have no choice but to ace the MCAT. You've got this!

We're straying from the OP's question here, but honestly, I think 46 is too old. There is so much to know in such a compressed amount of time. Others with unlimited resources might say "either become a doctor or not", we have tried hard to avoid it and not only in connection to medicine. You can test yourself. And then either become a doctor or not.


^Junior is a year when they think hard about college and potential major, at least those who plan on college. This is because in state medical schools are funded by the state, so they have a specific number of slots that must be allotted to in state students.